De Geer moraines

Photo: Christoffer Björklund

What: Long and narrow moraine formation made of till formed by the inland ice

How: At the end of the Ice Age, De Geer moraine ridges formed under the inland ice, deep in the water. A moraine ridge built up by the edge of the ice, when streams under the ice carried boulders, stones, gravel and finer material towards the ice edge. Over time, the land uplift reveals more De Geer moraines from the sea.

Where to see: The Kvarken Archipelago is the place to see De Geer moraines. Especially the observation tower Saltkaret in Svedjehamn offers stunning views over De Geer moraine landscape. But keep your eyes open when you drive there, because you will be driving over several De Geer moraine ridges!

Fun fact: The name comes from Gerard De Geer, who was the first to discover these moraine formations. He was a geologist and also a member of parliament in Sweden in the late 1800s.

Film about De Geer-moraines and other moraine formations.