Photo: Christoffer Björklund

What: Type of a coastal lagoon

How: Flads are shallow bays that still have a connection to the sea. They are formed when land uplift slowly closes off sea bays, while leaving a connection to the sea. In the Kvarken Archipelago, the flads are usually formed by moraine ridges that rise from the sea. In the High Coast, there are isolated basins instead of flads, and unlike flads, they are deep and often form quite large lakes.

Where to see: Basically, anywhere along Kvarken’s coasts. In the Kvarken Archipelago, you can spot a flad from observation tower Saltkaret for example. A good example of an isolated basin in the High Coast is Vågsfjärden.

Fun fact: There are over 800 flads in the Kvarken Archipelago, and new ones are slowly forming. In spring fish swim up the streams to spawn in nutritient-rich and warm flads.

Animation describing how flads and gloes are formed.