Highest coastline

Photo: Erik Engelro
Watch the video and see how the till-capped hills reveal the highest coastline.

What: The High Coast has highest known coastline in the world. On the map you can find the places where the highest coastline is easy to find in nature.

How: When the inland ice melted, the highest mountain tops in the High Coast stuck out of the sea as small islands and skerries. The mountain tops have never been underwater, but waves could wash the mountainsides bare. The land uplift then raised the land out of the reach of the sea. The boundary between these bare washed mountainsides and the forest covered mountain tops is what we now call the highest coastline.

Where to see: On the top of the mountain Skuleberget, where the highest coastline is at 286 metres above sea level.

Fun fact: It was not until the 1850s it was proved that the land was rising, and the sea level was not receding.

Animation that shows how the highest coastline and till-capped hills are formed.